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Please read the following important information on eligibility
Note: Graduate and law students CAN play if they are full-time students and meet the rest of the requirements.


Any team found playing an ineligible player will be penalized by forfeiting all games that the ineligible player participated in while holding an ineligible status.


All players playing in an NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game MUST be a member of the Institution, which that team represents.  An example is that no member of the University of Texas may play for the Texas A&M Baseball Club.


         Students from a school's Satellite campus ARE eligible to participate on the

         main campus's club baseball team, given that the satellite campus does

         Not have its own NCBA sanctioned baseball team.


A player with any previous professional experience in the sport of baseball is NOT eligible to play in any NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game.


Faculty members are NOT eligible to play in any NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game.


A player playing in an NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game MUST hold Full-Time Status with that team's College or University.


        The only exception is if a Final Semester Student requires less than a

        Full-Time load in order to graduate.


Any player playing in an NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game MUST have enrolled with Full-Time Status before their 25th Birthday.


Each student-athlete shall complete his five seasons participation in intercollegiate baseball within six calendar years from the beginning of the semester or quarter in which the student-athlete first registered for a minimum full time program of studies in a collegiate institution, with time spent in the armed services, on official church missions or with recognized foreign aid services of the U.S. government being excepted.


         For foreign students, services in the armed forces or on an official church

         church mission of the student's home country is considered equivalent to

         such service in the United States.


         If a student-athlete enrolls in a regular term of a collegiate institution at the

         first opportunity following the completion of any one of the commitments

         described in the exceptions in this bylaw, the elapsed time (i.e. the exact

         number of calendar days) between completion of the commitment and the

         first opportunity for enrollment may be added to the exact number of days

         served on active duty in the armed services or on an official church

         mission and will not count toward student-athlete’s six year eligibility.  It is

         not permissible to extend the six-year period by additional time beyond the

         first opportunity to enroll; i.e. the opening day of classes of the first regular

         term at the institution in which the student athlete enrolls as a regular

         student immediately following the termination of the active duty



For a player to participate in the NCBA using a fifth year of eligibility, that player is required to have used his fourth year of eligibility at the Club Baseball Level.


If a player is injured and is unable to play any part of a season, he may file an appeal for a medical red shirt.  If the appeal is granted, appeals must be filed with the NCBA Commissioner and are granted at the Commissioner's discretion.


NCBA rules indicate that any competition, regardless of time, during an NCBA Sanctioned Baseball Game counts as a season of competition.  It does not matter how long the player was involved in a particular game (for example, one at bat, one pitch, one pinch running appearance), the player is charged with one season of competition.

6.00.00 (Academic Eligibility)


         At the time of any roster submission, a letter from the academic institution

         must be submitted to the NCBA listing that each player holds a minimum

         2.0 cumulative GPA and is not on academic warning or probation.

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